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Welcome to the Center for Equitable Growth (CEG). Our purpose is to promote research that explores ideas for achieving economic growth that is fairly distributed. The central goals of the Center are to encourage research in equitable growth and to help develop public policy that can simultaneously improve the distribution of economic well-being and economic growth.

Therefore, the Center is primarily interested in research that can inform policy decisions in promoting equitable growth. The Center will disseminate its work through traditional academic means and, when appropriate, to institutions that can translate the Center’s applied research to policymakers in Washington DC and elsewhere.

The Center is funded by the Sandler Foundation and is directed by Emmanuel Saez in the UC Berkeley Department of Economics. The Center funds Berkeley Faculty and graduate student research on topics of equitable growth. It also hosts and supports visiting faculty and post-docs to come to Berkeley and pursue research projects in areas of equitable growth.

In the Fall 2013, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth was launched. The WCEG is a new research and grantmaking organization supporting research in Equitable Growth. The WCEG core mission is to help build a stronger bridge between academics and policymakers so that new research is relevant, accessible, and informative to the policymaking process.


The concept of growth, in addition to measures of GDP growth, can also incorporate aspects of education, health, and environmental sustainability. Equitable growth projects include research on economic equality and the determinants of economic growth. The Center is particularly interested in research regarding the links between inequality and economic growth, the effects of government policies on both the distribution of economic well being and economic growth, and the way public views on equity and fairness affect policy making. Research based on other countries’ experiences is also welcome, particularly when it can inform US domestic policies and US international aid policy.



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